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Arising from the work of Stanley Sound Systems during the early era of sound technology and the decades that followed, Jay S. Stanley & Associates was founded in 1978 and has become Arkansas’ premier, performance-proven audiovisual solutions provider. In more than 40-years of connecting presenters with audiences, we have provided solutions for organizations all over our state.

Our clients include many government agencies, universities, and colleges in the state. In addition, you will find our systems in the boardrooms, meeting rooms, large venues, and presentation facilities throughout our state’s most well-known and respected companies and non-profit organizations. Even if you are not familiar with our company, it is very likely that you have heard or seen one of our presentation systems.

We're Different From Our Competitors

Although we have been providing audiovisual solutions longer than any other company in Arkansas, this isn’t what makes us the best. It’s our straightforward business principles and high level of customer understanding that set us apart. Our unique approach to project management and our whatever it takes attitude help us achieve first-rate customer satisfaction and unparalleled system reliability.

Many companies can provide a list of equipment that they will install and configure, but we offer more than that: we offer comprehensive solutions. We guarantee that your system will fulfill your needs. We are not afraid to go back to the drawing board and we will not hit you with expensive and unexpected change orders if our system does not perform as we have stated. We are there with you until your system is perfect.

  • An Experienced Team. Our team members have industry experience that ranges from 10-years to more than 40-years. No firm can offer the problem-solving skills and attention to detail that our staff provides.
  • Industry Awareness. Within 90-days of employment, all new staff members are required to complete the Certified Technology Specialist certification from our industry’s largest trade organization, Avixa®. After that, employees are required to earn continuing education units by attending training events and earning additional certifications. In our rapidly-evolving industry, continuous learning is the only way to remain effective.
  • Comprehensive Testing. Each of our systems is assembled, set up, and tested in our shop so we can identify problems before they reach the field. This limits the time we must spend in the field doing testing and configuration which helps keep your project timeline on track.
  • We Complete Projects On Time. Our Project Management and Installation team is accustomed to working with General Contractors, Architects, Consultants, Designers and other construction trades to stay on schedule and meet target completion dates. If our existing customer commitments will prevent us from finishing your project as promised, we will tell you; even if that means you use one of our competitors.
  • Effective Documentation. We provide you with operations manuals, serial number lists, and other essential documentation. Along with these, we electronically archive project communications and technical documents such as system wiring diagrams and architectural drawings. This documentation allows us to promptly and efficiently provide long-term system support, recommend upgrade/expansion information, and conduct re-training when you have staff changes.
Be watchful when someone begins offering A/V as a new addition to their primary services.
Audiovisual technology is our singular focus. Our decades of experience and proven record do matter for your guaranteed satisfaction.
Licensed Arkansas Contractor #0060571017
(501) 758-8029

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