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Auditoriums have different designs and purposes. Live performance spaces, movie theaters, conference centers, or a multi-purpose area with movable partitions to arrange for smaller individual spaces. Common characteristics include forward-facing seating and a stage or presentation area at the front. Seating and other furnishings may be stationary or movable for additional flexibility.

Our systems are typically for educational or multi-purpose use. Features include one or more mobile presentation lecterns, wired and wireless microphones, a projection system and/or flat screen displays, and programmed room lighting controls. A Personal Listening Assistance System is often added for compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA).

Auditoriums (large spaces) almost always present acoustical challenges. The Architectural design, interior furnishings and the materials used for ceilings, walls and floors can cause confusing and uncomfortable speech reverberation patterns. Although post-design acoustic corrections are possible they usually require customized speaker designs and application of acoustic surface materials at additional costs.

Our auditorium technology is simple to use and performance-proven as highly reliable. A touch of just one or two "touchscreen buttons" quickly re-configures multiple hardware and software components to display the information.

Instructional Technology Training Center Multi-Purpose, Live Performance Auditorium with Stage Multi-Purpose Grand Hall Multi-Purpose Worship Auditorium
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